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Board Hire


First Time and Beginners

  • Learn the basics
  • Improve your skills and gain confidence
  • Paddle strokes
  • Turn & control board direction and PLENTY MORE

Intermediate Lesson

  • Improve your skills and gain confidence
  • Learn turns and directions
  • Once you are confident enough, learn the basics of SUP surfing

Sunset Tour

Paddle around one of Australia's iconic estuarine systems, while experiencing the amazing flora and fauna. Top it of with a unique sunset over the waters of Bustard Bay, 1770 QLD.
Duration 1.5 hrs
Rates start @$55 per person

Nature Tour

Paddle along the edge of round hill creek, one of the most spectacular estuarine systems in Australia where mangrove trees and wildlife have adapted to unique environmental conditions, with wildlife existing of estuary fish, stingrays, at the right times turtles and dolphins and array of birdlife.
Duration 1.5 hrs
Rates start @$55 per person

What You Get

All Tours will have a 10 minute briefing on how to Stand Up Paddle, so if you’ve never paddled before we have you covered. Tours include the Board Hire for the duration of the tour.

Schools and Groups programs

1770 SUP provides Stand-up paddleboard programs for the children to enjoy and we would be excited to have your school involved in our Stand-up paddleboard programs, which are designed to equip primary and secondary school students, with our core paddle skills and essential water safety knowledge.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the world’s newest and fastest-growing recreational water sports. Great for developing balance, agility, coordination, and a great core workout. Supping is easy to learn and fun for anyone!

Moreover, stand-up paddleboarding is becoming a great tool used by many schools to develop and improve water confidence in young Australians 

Organisations and companies can also enjoy a fun day out Stand-up paddling, as we offer a full day book-us-out deal or maybe a tour of Round Hill Creek for the team to enjoy.

Stand-up paddling is for all ages and diversity to enjoy as it’s a perfect way to get into a flow state that will allow your body and mind to unwind the natural way.

Enquire for prices and info on our school programs, also organisations and companies fun day out Supping.

SUP Gong Classes

Create balance, flow and structure in your life. Flowing breathwork and movement while gliding on water.
The art of Life !!
Classes will be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 

Duration 1 hr 15 min
$40 per person per class
Min 4 people, max 16 people per class